Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Sorrowful mysteries

Recently, I have realised that the mysteries of the rosary can often fit into what is happening in our life, or in the lives of those around us. For example, praying the sorrowful mysteries on this Tuesday night, I have understood a little more about the pain my parents are experiencing in preparing for me to leave for Carmel in a couple of months.

I thought that I could explain this in more detail, so that maybe even one person can see how the mysteries can be applied to our lives.

The Agony in the Garden

Poor Jesus, so lonely in the Garden. Even His dearest friends could not see His agony and stay with him for an hour.

My poor parents. They suffer at this time and I cannot see their true anguish and sorrow. But though I don't fully feel their pain, I can still be there to comfort them as best I can, imagining that I am comforting the Lord Himself during His Agony.

The Scourging at the Pillar

Our dear Lord is once again alone. During His time of painful scourging, no one is there to embrace Him. He stands at the pillar alone, bearing His pain bravely and with love, yet knowing there is more to endure.

When we suffer, we often suffer alone, feeling that no one understands our suffering. Yet, what stops us from tending to the painful wounds of another dear to us who suffers, as if it were the Lord Himself?

My parents stand united in their pain, trying to be as patient and brave as they can in supporting me in my decision.

The Crowning with Thorns

How painful for Our Lord to be physically suffering, then to be mocked by people who did not know the purity of love in His heart.

I must be careful to not act out of stubbornness in pursuing my vocation and must ensure that my intention is to seek Christ alone.

Those who hurt Jesus got carried away when mocking Him. It is so easy to get carried away by doing something for the wrong reasons; all acts must be out of love, with love of Christ being before all else.

The Carrying of the Cross

Our dear Lord, how heavy was the cross; how wounded was His back from the scourging, which made it all the more difficult to bear. His tired body caused Him to fall 3 times, yet He got back up. Yet this was the first time during His suffering the Our Lord was not alone. Simon helped Him carry the cross. Veronica bravely and lovingly stepped forward to wipe His Precious Face.

My parents carry their cross at this time and I can try to follow the great examples of Simon and Veronica in stepping forward and trying to ease their pain. I can be gentle with them at every opportunity.

As for my parents, I pray that they pick themselves up and carry on, imitating the Lord as He bore His own cross. Enduring suffering and offering it up to the Lord can only be a good thing.

The Crucifixion

What pain Our Lord endured from this, not only physically, but spiritually. His poor body could barely take any more and He felt abandoned by His own Loving Father. Yet, the Father was close and Jesus commended His spirit to Him.

I place my family before the Lord, asking Him to help them during their suffering and to comfort them. Most of all, I ask that they do not despair.

I turn also to our Blessed Mother, who could never have foretold the pain her heart would one day endure, when she said yes to bearing Christ. Yet, she stood by Jesus throughout His life. She was there at His first miracle, supporting Him; she did not object when He left to Proclaim the Kingdom and she was there at the foot of the cross, so deeply saddened, yet trusting in God. Her maternal love for Jesus is also ours - we are her children - and tonight, I ask that she comforts my family, for she truly understands how it feels to grieve for a child.

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Bob Cavalcante Jr. said...

Dear Carmelite Aspirant,

Though this time may be Sorrowful in some respects, it is also most certainly Joyful!!

The Annunciation: Oh Mary with Your "yes" You have opened heaven's ways, You have achieved the will of the Father. You will be blessed for ever: Your intercession is heard in Heaven, because You have accepted God's plan. Let us pray that we can say "yes" to the Father in every instance He ask it of us. Mary help us to be humble and obedient to God's will.

Though you may have begun with doubt and your family may still worry, fear not and listen to the will of God, answering his call with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your might!

The Visitation: Mary goes to visit Elisabeth: She carries God to Her cousin, for the love of Her brothers and neighbors. Lord help us to carry Christ to others, like Mary did. Let us ask Mary the gift of burning charity.

In finding the face of Christ in others, let them find the face of Christ in you and your works as you bring His love to all those around you.

The Nativity: Infant Jesus in the manger. Mary, Joseph and the shepherds adore Him. Let us also adore Christ, the Son of God, in the silence of our soul and from the depth of our heart. Let us ask Mary to make us love Jesus more, and also the gift of poverty of spirit.

As Christ enters the world in poverty to bring peace and salvation for all, may His entry into your life and the life of your family bring peace and joy.

The Presentation: We need to pay attention to the voice of God, to discern His call and accept the mission He gave us. After the Simeon prophecy, Mary takes into Her Heart the wound of sorrow, but in the silence She accepts the will of Her Father.

It is not you who choose this vocation, but God Himself who calls you to it. Though your journey may seem difficult, in purity of mind and body, accept the will of God in humility, walking along the path that He has chosen for you.

The Finding of Jesus in the Temple: Let us think of how many times we have been far from Jesus; from that Jesus, who with so much love has died for us. Let us meditate that in the difficulties of life the only safety is finding Jesus and never again leaving his great love.

May you find Jesus forever in the temple of your heart.

Carmelite Aspirant, may God bless you and keep you as you take these first steps into a life with Christ. We will most certainly keep you in our prayers.

Your friends in Christ,
Bob & Rosana Cavalcante

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