Saturday, 15 November 2008

Good news!

I'm going to Carmel! I received a letter this morning from Mother Prioress to confirm that I will be able to go in January. I'm so happy!

I'm hoping to go either on 24th January (St Francis de Sales) or 25th (St Paul's conversion). I'd like to go earlier, but I'm having one more birthday at home with my family. It would be good to go on the 25th since I went to St Paul's School and it's also the year of St Paul. It seems fitting that this date marks his conversion, too!

Yesterday, I started to sort some of my stuff out, as requested by my mom, who wants to put some of my things in the loft. It's not easy doing this, as it's become very real and it's actually quite hard to get rid of things, which I thought would be a lot easier. With books and games, I hope to take some of them with me for the library and recreation, but many things I will have to throw or give away.

It's really happening! Next, I've got to think about work and handing in my notice. And I can now officially step down from the job offer I received. I was going to work until January, but I'm not sure I will now. I'm having problems with my hip and I'm sure it doesn't help wearing heavy kit as I do. Perhaps I will work longer if they can find me something in the office. So much to sort out!

Then, I've got to start telling people; this I think will be the hardest as I don't know how people will react. Nevertheless, it has to be done and it's a time to remain strong and focussed on Christ.


Jay said...

This is wonderful news - may Our Lady of Mt Carmel watch over you always.

Marie said...

This is the first time I came across your blog, and I'm really glad to hear that you were accepted! And I pray that all goes well for you. :)

I just hope people will take it well. It's not everyday that you run into someone who is joining the convent. I have a friend who plans to be a priest, and he usually gets mixed/good receptions from people. But there was this one woman he talked to, and she started throwing all these stereotypes. :( I hope you never come across that.

Rosarygirl said...

Oh, my! Well- many blessings.

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