Sunday, 4 January 2009

His love is never-ending

My dear readers, I hope you all had a blessed Christmas and New Year and that 2009 will lead you closer to God and He will fill your lives with His love.

Christmas was a special time for my dad, as Jesus entered into his heart and brought him back to communion with Him. He also gave Him a generous heart, which caused him to give his blessing for me going to Carmel and saying that it's a wonderful thing to work for the Church and he is proud.

There I was, asking Jesus to be born into my heart, but He was born into my dad's! Instead, I wish for the Little Child to grow within me and for me to grow with Him, since I have much to learn.

I feel glad that all this has happened and hope that when I enter, my dad continues to go to Mass. It is wonderful that my dad has had a change of heart (he wasn't ever against it, but found it hard to understand). He even said that he will tell my nan, where as before he was being cautious should I end up leaving within a few months. This is surely a prompting of the Holy Spirit on his part since he has wondered in conversation with my nan whether to tell her, especially when she told him out of nowhere that someone he knew used to be a nun! He also announced this to me after Christmas Day Mass!

So Jesus has given us His love in abundance and I pray now that he will bless my mom and brother, helping them to have generous hearts and to not feel too sad when I leave.

Carmel is less than 3 weeks away and I must begin to make final preparations. There is so much to do!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your comment. I had a great Christmas and I know it will be a great New Year. I pray the same for you and your family also. Thank you for sharing this with us, that the Lord is filling your dad's heart with His amazing love. I hope he does the same for all those you love. I know He will take care of them for you when you leave. Always continue to Trust in Him, He will never let you down. I pray also that you will have a great closeness with the Lord as you live His will in Carmel.

Blessed Be always!

You sister in Christ,

Little Mary said...

a question....are still allowed to use internet and the like in the Carmel? what you are doing is sooo cool! I have thought that maybe after I am married I will join the Secular 3rd order of Carmelites, so that I could do that and have a family too!

Little Mary said... internet;-) I have to discern the secular carmelite thing....but my mom is thinking of doing it rightr now, and I dont want to be like....oh i am gonna do it too.....soo I will wait a few years;-) please also pray for my mothers discerment!!!!! thanks!!!!

Jay said...

Please, give us the parting post. I hope your Dad will be blessed by God's grace - great news and very uplifting.

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