Sunday, 12 October 2008

Off to Carmel for 2 weeks

Well, the time has arrived and in just over 2 hours, I will be heading off to Carmel for 2 weeks as an Aspirant.

As it's a long drive, I'll be staying in a hotel overnight, then arriving at around 10-10.30 tomorrow morning, in time for Sext at 11.30.

It's really happening!!!

I won't be posting til I come back, but will update you when I do. I'm sure I'll have lots to write!

Please pray for me, that I will be able to embrace this experience with a generous heart. God bless.

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Jay said...

I will certainly pray for you and for your vocation. The most important in life is to conform to God's will.If He is calling you, just go for it. God bless and may His Mother will keep you safe always.

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I've just turned 27 and am entering Carmel on 24th January 2009. My first full day will be on 25th January, the Conversion of Saint Paul, of whose year this is and whose school I went to and sisters I loved. So I am depending on him to help convert me into a good Carmelite! I've wanted to become a nun on and off since the age of 11. Although I can't remember the moment I felt drawn to Carmel, I think it was partly because of reading about St Therese when I was 11 or 12. I feel I may have a natural inclination towards this way of life, altough getting up at 5.30 will not feel natural, I'm sure! I spent 2 weeks as an Aspirant in October 2008 and I loved it and came back feeling that I should go back and see if becoming a Carmelite is the Will of God and my route to holiness.

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